The Seattle Era

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    Jesse Glover


    Jesse Glover was Bruce Lee's first friend and student in the USA. He last saw Bruce in 1965 at Brandon Lee's birthday party. He has since went on to form his own interpretation of Lee's teachings known as "Non-Classical Gung Fu".
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    Ed Hart


    Ed Hart was Bruce Lee's second student. He was one of the core group of the Seattle era students who later went on to form his own "stuff" which closely resembles Jesse Glover's "Non-Classical Gung Fu" with an emphasis on grappling. Mr. Hart passed away on 12/3/98.
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    Skip Ellsworth


    DeWelle "Skip" Ellsworth was Bruce Lee's third student and close friend. Known as the "gentleman" of the Seattle group, Ellsworth was always dressed as nice and of a pleasant with his demeanor. Skip moved to the Philippines in 1994 and built his own resort in 2005 (Skip's Beach Resort). He recently passed away on 8/6/08.
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    Jim DeMile


    Jim DeMile was one of the core group of Lee's Seattle students. He later became a student of Jesse Glover and is famous for teaching the finer principles of Lee's close range punching. His art, "Wing Chun Do" is a progression from what he learned from both Lee and Glover.
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    Taky Kimura


    Taky Kimura, although not one of Lee's original core students, quickly became one of his best friends and confidantes. He later became Lee's first official assistant instructor and has continued to teach Lee's art since his death. His son, Andy Kimura has taken over the teaching reigns for his school.
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    Leroy Garcia


    Leroy Garcia was also a member of the core group of Seattle students. He presently is not involved in martial arts.
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    Joe Cowles


    Joe Cowles was a close friend of Bruce Lee who went on to create his own interpretation of Lee's art called, "Wu Wei Gung Fu" which combines Jun Fan Gung Fu with Chin-Na and Jujitsu. He currently teaches privately in the state of Washington.
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    Doug Palmer


    Doug Palmer was a close friend of Bruce Lee who had the unique experience of traveling with Lee to Hong Kong for a summer where he met Lee's family and his late teacher, Yip Man. Palmer is an international lawyer and is retired for martial arts.
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    Pat Strong


    Pat Strong was lucky enough to discover Bruce Lee at a young age. He later met and trained with Hawkins Chueng who filled in the gaps of his knowledge using Wing Chun as the base of Lee's skill. Mr. Strong teaches what he calls, "Core JKD" and conducts seminars when his schedule permits while maintaining a small group of private students.
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    Ron Kealoha


    Ron Kealoha was an original student of Bruce Lee who Taky Kimura gave permission to open a small school in Hawaii. Ron has since passed on but has left a unique lineage behind him.

Seattle Curriculum

Gin-Lai or Salutation

Bi-jong or ready stance
(Incorporating the Centerline Theory)

Immovable Elbow Theory

Four Corner Theory

Shifting right
Shifting left
Sil Lim Tao (basic form taught in Seattle)
Straight punches and elbow punches and various body punches
Bil-jee (finger jab)

Forward straight heel kick
Forward shovel kick
Side kick
Low side kick
Low toe kick
Groin toe kick
Hook kick (medium & high)
Spinning back hook kicks

Chi Sao (sticking hands)

Tan sao
Bong sao
Gong sao
Vertical fist punch
Fook sao or elbow contained bent wrist block
Palm strikes - vertical - side - and palm up

Pak sao
Lop sao
Chop chuie - Gwa chuie
Pak sao lop sao gwa chuie
Lop sao chung chuie lop sao chung chuie
Chop chuie gwa chuie lop sao chung chuie

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